About Us


Fredericksburg Youth Roller Hockey is a nonprofit, nonpartisan enterprise whose mission is to build strong, productive, and successful young boys and girls through the sport of inline hockey by providing recreational and regionally competitive roller hockey for youth ages 6-18 years old within the greater Fredericksburg City metro area.

Fredericksburg Youth Roller Hockey will strive to use inline hockey to teach children and teen valuable life skills such as leadership, team work, effective communication, and goal setting. The youth program will consist of three sub programs: in-house hockey league, travel hockey league, and player development clinics. Children will experience healthy competition amongst their peers and children from neighboring programs. For children and beginners not ready for game play clinics will be offered to teach fundamentals and prepare them for game play.

The organization will also focus on personal development of children involved. Coaches will act as mentors teaching lessons on how to deal with life in addition to the game pressures, and how to overcome obstacles, and strive to become great athletes and great people.



Our latest breakthrough:

Fredericksubrg Youth Roller Hockey was founded in 2016 as a way to teach children to play hockey.  On the closure of the only hockey rink in Fredericksburg, our mission added a big challenge to build an outdoor public rink.  FYRH Board of Directors currently consists of 6 members.
Currently we run a Learn to Play Program at the Fredericksburg Field house.  This program has grown from a dozen kids to over 60 kids in the past 2 years.

Board of Directors

  1. Brandon McVade
    Brandon McVade
  2. Byran Koerper
    Byran Koerper
    Vice President
  3. Cody Hupp-Polla
    Cody Hupp-Polla
  4. Skip Dunaway
    Skip Dunaway
  5. Joe Danielson
    Joe Danielson
    At Large Member
  6. Ralph Rice
    Ralph Rice
    At Large Member